Tuesday, October 14, 2008

top 10 razi charts

1: john mayer - daughters

2: avenged sevenfold - a little piece of heaven

3: david archuleta - crush

4: chris brown - forever

5: bryan adams - have you really loved a woman

6: incubus - drive

7: john mayer - no such thing

8: one republic - all fall down

9: the fray - vienna

10: vanessa carlton - a thousand miles

currently these are my favourite songs.kam ngn izhan pon dah start layan lagu daughters.siap nak hafal lyric lagi
haha xleyh blah.tp bgus la xde la ako sorg je layan nnt.they prefer me to be the dj in our house because i always put on great songs.haha

p/s: am memang mintak kene burger ni.siap ko! big mac kteorg bg !

without wax,razi

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